My passion is pleasure, lust with Love. And, liberating erotic expression...both yours and mine.

I am a tantrika and SWITCH touring central London, Brighton, Prague, Berlin, Brisbane, Sydney, Vancouver offering kinky intimacy, Vitalising Erotic massage and Adult play.



Loving sex & kink for since as long as I can remember. mischief making at school to playdates with lovers & patrons.

A decade of kink, sexploration and consciousness is part of the signature of my play style.  In my opinion, qualifications can seem quite cut and dry to read about.

None the less, over the years I've had an invaluable array of training and apprenticeships in areas such as in BDSM, bodywork, self-inquiry, shamanic transformation, ordeal pathways and therapeutic structures...which all add to the juiciness, precision and safety of the session.


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